The ‘Trojan Horse’ plot? A figment of neo-Conservative imagination

by Peter Oborne (2017)

Image Copyright: AFP

Three years have passed since Michael Gove, then education secretary, announced the discovery of evidence of an apparent Muslim plot to take over a number of Birmingham schools.

The media went bonkers. Television viewers and newspaper readers learned of a sinister group of fanatics hell-bent on imposing ‘Islamism’ on Birmingham schools.

David Cameron immediately called an emergency meeting of his exciting new “extremism taskforce”.

Gove called in Peter Clarke, the former head of Counter Terrorism Command, to mount an investigation.

Several teachers were sacked and their careers destroyed. The episode has gone down in history as a case study in why Muslims must not be allowed near the British education system.

Three years on and I believe the time has come when there should be a second investigation into the “Trojan Horse” affair.


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