Theresa May’s real Easter message: colonial nostalgia and hypocrisy

by Ali Meghji (2017)

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ. But Theresa May’s Easter message displayed another type of resurrection, that of a nationalism which reeks of Empire, colonialism, and religious superiority.

The Prime Minister spoke of the role that Christian values have to play in British society. Yet, Christian values, just like any other value system, can be twisted and distorted to suit any interests of the time.  Historically, Christian values have been used to justify colonialism and slavery.  The division between Christian and non-Christian was paralleled by a division between civilised and uncivilised, cultured and savage, good and evil. Bringing Christianity – that is ‘civilisation’ – to the colonies was seen, and continues to be seen by many, as a charitable project to help those in need.


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